A family doctor is a doctor who takes care of the whole family. Family doctors create lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families.  They really get to know their patients. Family physicians treat your whole health. They take care of the physical, mental, and emotional health of their patients.  They know your family’s health history and how it can affect you.  They are trained to care for you through all the stages of your life, from newborns to seniors.  Family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine, including basic gynecology.  They know when to treat you, and, if necessary, when to bring in a specialist you can trust. Family doctors are specially trained in preventive medicine.  They believe that preventing a health problem is better than having to treat one. (Taken from the American Academy of Family Practice website)

Wynne Huang, M.D. graduated from the accelerated medical program at Boston University in 1999.  She completed her family practice residency at Tufts University, where she served as chief resident.  During her residency, she trained at Tufts Medical Center, Floating Hospital for Children, and various community hospitals, including Winchester Hospital. Upon completing her residency in 2002, she joined the community faculty at the Tufts Family Practice Residency.  Dr. Huang’s office is a teaching facility for medical students from Tufts University.  This means that from time to time, with the patient’s consent, Dr. Huang may have a medical student shadowing her. Our priority is making our patients feel comfortable at their visit.  Therefore, please let us know if you would prefer not to have a student present during your visit. Dr. Huang is NOT a board certified dermatologist, but she has a special interest in skin care.  She has expanded this interest by including a medispa in her office.  Dr. Huang performs cosmetic treatments in her medispa, such as botox and fillers (boletero, juvederm, radiesse, restylane, perlane, and voluma).

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Medicare
  • Most senior plans
  • Network Health
  • Tricare
  • Tufts
  • United Health Care

Family physicians focus on preventative care.  Therefore, annual examinations are encouraged.  Annual exams are a “general health maintenance”.  An annual examination does NOT include discussion of new problems or detailed review of chronic conditions. What should I expect during my annual examination?

  • Review/update of your health history
  • Review/update of your family health history
  • Review /refill of your current medications
  • General physical exam
  • Pap smear (if needed)
  • Evaluation of need for immunizations or health screening tests based on your age and personal/family history

What happens if you have a new health problem when you come in for your annual examination? If a new health problem is addressed, this will be treated as an “office visit”.  This means that the office will bill for an office visit in addition to the wellness exam.  This will result in your having to pay a copayment at the time of the visit. If your concerns require more time, you may be asked to schedule another appointment.  This will allow us to dedicate the appropriate attention needed to adequately address your concerns.

Because Dr. Huang is affiliated with Winchester Hospital, any lab work or imaging studies will be ordered through Winchester Hospital sites.  There are several convenient locations to choose from.

Click here for a list of lab sites.

Click here for a list of imaging sites.

We can make your appointments more efficient by having you get your bloodwork drawn BEFORE your appointment.  This way, we can review your results in person.  This can help cut down on back and forth missed calls to review your results.  Notify us which lab site you would like to go to, and we will fax the appropriate orders. Again, you should check with your insurance company first to confirm what lab tests are covered.  If you ask for “routine lab tests for a physical”, our office will order: a cholesterol panel, basic metabolic panel (sugar level, kidney function, and electrolytes), and CBC (complete blood count)

Do not assume that no news is good news.  We do our best to contact you within one to two weeks with your lab results.  However, if you have not heard from us, please contact us.  You can also go to the patient portal to review your results, once you are registered. Our office does not routinely mail out results. If you would like a copy of your results, we are more than happy to mail/email them to you.

If you have a diagnostic or radiology test, please allow up to 1 week for the result.

If you need any forms filled out, such as: disability, FMLA, applications for handicap parking plates/placards, etc, you will need to make an appointment for this.  This ensures that the forms are filled out as accurately as possible.